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Let me be the first to welcome you to A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Program.

I am Sandra Wyrick, PhD, MN, RN, Executive Nursing Director & President. A New Day: RN Refresher Program was developed after directing, developing, and implementing RN Refresher programs within Western Washington and Arizona for over 10 years and after obtaining and implementing student feedback indicating the need for an online format that would offer students a choice in their education with regards to curriculum format, pace, and a cost savings while moving towards their professional goal of returning to the nursing workforce. My online program allows re-entry nurses to “refresh your way”. Approved first by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission, Washington Administrative Code 246-840-130, and now acknowledged by numerous States within the United States, the contents of this course have been proven over the years and has helped to get nurses career’s back on track. Enjoy the program!

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Dr. Sandra Wyrick, PhD, MN, RN
Executive Nursing Director & President
A New Day: RN Refresher Program

Website: www.ndrnrefresher.com
Email: anewday.rnrefresher@gmail.com
Phone: 425-478-0779
Fax: 480-656-9316
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A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Program is committed to teaching and learning excellence; providing high quality, flexible, and financially accessible educational development for its students consistent with their needs, interests, and abilities while strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of our diverse community.


A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Program was first approved by the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission and meets all requirements for Core and Medical-Surgical Nursing as defined in the Washington Administrative Code 246-840-130. Many other States now currently support this program.


The philosophy for A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Program is to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Nursing is a professional practice discipline that demands continual learning. Registered nurses who have a strong foundation in professional practice from past experience can return to active nursing through a planned program of didactic learning and clinical practice.


A New Day: RN Refresher Program is designed to help you expand your nursing options:

  • Online format provides anywhere, anytime access
  • The individual student directs and controls his/her own learning environment
  • Latest updates in nursing care and management
  • Self-paced learning activities and resources
  • Precepted clinical experience in your home community
  • Learner support available via Web, e-mail, phone, text, and fax

A New Day: RN Refresher Program was created as an independent course of study to assist re-entry nurses in meeting their personal and professional goals and to update and enhance their nursing knowledge and clinical skills in preparation for re-entry into active practice. The 122 hour theoretical and 160 hour clinical components of the course address foundational competencies for medical-surgical nursing in today’s increasingly complex practice settings. Note: students within the State of Kansas must comply with regulation KAR 60-3-114 (a)(2) which mandates 180 hour clinical component.

The RN Refresher Program is designed to be completed within a four to six month period of time depending on your individual and clinical preceptorship schedule; although the self-paced format allows participants to move forward more quickly or slowly if they choose to do so. Program Note: Program completion MUST occur within a 12 continuous month period.

This program will be offered over the Internet via the Web and may be completed in one’s home community and at a pace and time which best meets individual needs. Clinical externships can be completed in the State of Washington OR in your geographical State location if supported by your BON. Supporting your learning needs allows you to move with confidence into a nurse orientation program and return to practice; helping to meet the community’s need for acute care registered nurses. Registered nurses may choose not to practice nursing for some period of time, yet they remain valuable resources to the community.


At A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Program, we believe that program participants are adult learners who can articulate their learning needs. Each participant has unique needs, different backgrounds, has had a variety of nursing experiences, learns in different ways, and has rich life experiences on which to build additional learning. Adult learners are actively involved in the learning process and seek meaningful learning opportunities in order to meet their own learning needs.


The nursing process is used as the construct for learning and practice. The nursing process is based on biophysiological, psychosocial, and ethnocultural issues. Throughout the curriculum, use of the nursing process allows the student to focus on patient needs, professional interactions, and legal and ethical aspects of professional nursing.

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