This course is open to registered nurses with in-active and active RN licenses and to those who are presently ineligible for endorsement or reinstatement of licensure in their current State of residence because they have been inactive in nursing practice for three or more years or have a suspended RN license. Registered nurses should contact their respective Boards of Nursing to determine if this program meets their requirements for an RN refresher course. This course is also open to to anyone with a nursing degree who needs preparation for their NCLEX RN exam and is accepted in many states nationally. Please contact the Executive Nursing Director, Dr. Sandra Wyrick for more information; or by phone at 425-478-0779.

Note: A RN refresher course may not be the only requirement for relicensure for your State. Contact your local Board of Nursing for possible additional requirements.


  • Participants must be a previously or currently licensed registered nurse (RN). A copy of the current or expired license with Limited Education License, provided by the WA DOH Nursing Board, or proof of process of re-instatement of license must be provided to the Executive Nursing Director by fax or mail at the time of registration. This course is also open to to anyone with a nursing degree who needs preparation for their NCLEX RN exam.
  • Participants residing in Washington State with an inactive WA RN license must also obtain a State supported Limited Education License (LEL). Note: The LEL can be obtained through the WA DOH Nursing Board website.
  • RN Refresher participants must have had or have enrollment permission granted by program Executive Director by filling out the program application document and by phone interview, hospital experience within their nursing program and/or a minimum of 3 months previous practice as a registered nurse (RN) or have permission granted by program Executive Director following phone interview.
  • Participants of the clinical component will be asked to provide the name and contact information for their latest hospital/acute care employer along with:
  • Proof of RN License or LEL
  • Proof professional liability insurance
  • Proof current CPR
  • Proof of current immunization
  • National Background Check
  • roof of current HIV/AIDS 7 Hour course

NURSING LIABILITY INSURANCE: Nursing liability insurance can be obtained from Nursing Service Organization or Marsh Affinity Group Services:

Nursing Service Organization Marsh Affinity Group Services
159 East County Line Road 1440 Renaissance Drive
Hatboro, PA 19040 Park Ridge, Il 60068
1-800-247-1500 1-800-503-9230

CPR: Call your local American Red Cross Association, American Heart Association or local hospital to see when they offer CPR for the Healthcare Provider course. This course certifies you for 2 years. There is generally a fee for the course. It is advisable to take the first responder to include infant and child.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Your local public health department or primary physician can give you the immunizations required for clinical practice. Most hospitals now require current hepatitis B series, tetanus, rubella or titer, two-step ppd, flu vaccine, and viracella documentation or titer. Check with the facility personnel where you want to work to see what they require.


Minimal computer skills are required to successfully navigate the course website, online curriculum/testing and DVDs. You will also be required to communicate via email and have a working email address. If you are not familiar with any of the terms below and or do not have knowledge of skills listed below, we recommend you update your computer skills prior to registering for this course.


  • Browser
  • URL
  • Address bar
  • Icon
  • Link
  • CD-ROM
  • Download
  • Scroll bar
  • Menu


  • Web navigation
  • Use of email (including send/receive attachments)
  • MSWord
  • Mouse usage (right/left click, double-click)
  • Conduct a WWW search for an assigned topic. Use discussion forums
  • Use online quiz and exam tools Upload and download documents and programs.


  • Participants must have access to a computer with an Internet connection and, DVD and CD-ROM drive.
  • To view printable slides you must have Adobe ReaderĀ® downloaded on your computer. To download click here

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