The theoretical component of the RN Refresher Program is comprised of online technologies, curriculum/testing, virtual simulation clinical scenarios, as well as DVD clinical skills and text books with content correlating to the reading assignments, power points, case studies, and learning activities designed to guide and reinforce participant learning. Participants view curriculum content through readings, online student ancillary resources, DVDs and through the vSim Clinical Scenarios. Students must complete all modules, chapter review quizzes, pre/post test for vSim and the clinical scenario, and successfully pass the Fluid and Medication Calculation written exam and Final Exam which is taken online PRIOR to moving into the clinical preceptorship. The student must maintain communication with the program director via the e-mail, phone, text, and fax throughout the course as appropriate. A course syllabus will designate coursework objectives, assignments, quizzes and exams. Successful completion of the theoretical component is a prerequisite for starting the clinical component of the course.


  • Cultural Competence
  • Medical/Surgical and Specialty Updates
  • Nursing Process
  • Pharmacology
  • Legal Issues
  • End-of-life Issues
  • Comprehensive health history and physical assessment
  • Wellness
  • Public health/ Home health care
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Nursing skills
  • vSim Medical Surgical Clinical Scenarios


Upon completion the learner shall:

  • Understand the concepts of; nursing process, psychosocial, pharmacology and professional nursing today including legal and ethical principals, end of life issues, and cultural competencies.
  • Understand and exhibit basic communication and observational practices necessary for patient care identification, reporting, and recording patient needs.
  • Exhibit understanding of basic physical, biological and social sciences as it relates to nursing practice
  • Understands concepts of basic nursing knowledge for specialty course content to include; peri and post operative, women’s health, geriatrics, community health nursing.
  • Deliver safe, comprehensive nursing care.
  • Renew clinical practice skills.
  • Develop assessment skills currently expected within acute care settings.
  • Gain personal confidence in the nursing role.

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